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upgrading from FC6 to Fedora 7 problems

Just to note some problems encountered when trying to upgrade an FC6 installation on a disk that I found lying around. The installer crashed with an exception because of some glibc requirement it was trying to satisfy. Previously I passed the error by upgrading the fedora-release packages and then upgrading the glibc package. This worked out after removing a few packages like k3b, openoffice and reinstalling them again after the upgrade. The current installation is pretty much an everything install. This installation has a slew of problems with trying to upgrade packages via yum.

Anyway, I had an additional problem with the SIS video only coming up with a scrambled raster which was the wrong frequency for the monitor. I then tried the text installer instead when I had the exception related to glibc.

Since there are so many problems with upgrades due to missing packages and programs that reference files or added features to the distro, why are upgrades not possible with the installer while booted into a working system? I believe it would be more sane than performing an upgrade within the installer. I mean you are upgrading, a GUI version of the installer is pretty useless. You pick the system and choose a few options, everything else is not a choice during upgrade.


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