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Re: looks like mailman has a problem with selinux

Scott Berry wrote:
> In the maillog file here is what I get this looks like what hanging
> up maybe:
> Jul 12 17:29:23 pilotalk postfix/smtp[6642]: 26A16209653: 
> to=<mailman-owner pilotalk com>, relay=none, delay=6.7, 
> delays=0.07/0.25/6.4/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to 
> pilotalk.com[]: Connection refused)

Yeah, that would be a problem. :)

Do you get that error when you try to subscribe from the server
itself?  This isn't a mailman problem then at all.  It's a general
mail problem.

From the server you should be able to send local mail.  If that's not
working, there's something badly configured.  Are there discrepancies
between your /etc/hosts and your DNS settings about what the IP for
pilotalk.com is?

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