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Re: Export NFS through firewall

Check this out:


On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 18:58 -0700, Joseph Loo wrote:
> I am fairly new to this list and fedora 7. I have been trying to export an NFS
> drive outside the machine. I have checked to make sure the mount is working, by
> doing ls /net/orion. It shows the drive without any problem.
> I use the administrator menu firewall and SELINUX and checked off the NFS item.
> I rebooted the machine an a freign machine is not able to see the drive. I open
> up the service and stopped iptables, and the directoy appears on the foreign
> machine with no problem. restarted iptables, and the directory disappears.
> My first question is how do i change the firewall rules to allow it through? Is
> there a site that gives examples on opening this portion of the firewall?
> -- 
> Joseph Loo
> jloo acm org
Renich Bon Ciric <renich woralelandia com>

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