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Re: Can Linux beat XP in homes yet or NOT?

On Fri, July 13, 2007 8:16 am, Mustafa Qasim wrote:

> I've tried to talk with my some friends about these issues but at the end
> i
> came to know that they didn't need to listen the philosophy of FOSS they
> just want me to practically prove that Linux is much easier and secure
> then
> Windows. For them installing software from source or concept of mounting a
> block device is much difficult because they didn't have to do this in M$
> XP
> :p.

I really do enjoy this subject. The bottom line is that most desktop users
out there do not care about licensing, holy wars, FOSS, etc. They only
care about one thing... does it work.

Can they as a user sit down and get what they need to done or will they be
spending more time working on their workstation so they can then work on
their workstation.

Linux has gotten much more "common man" user friendly then it used to be.
(Does any one else remember installing Slackware from 26 floppies?) At
this point in time I feel Linux has gotten to be user friendly enough for
the non-geeks out there to operate. People do not like change. Individuals
who were raised on Windows will stick with Windows because it is what they
know. Unless there is some stimulus for change it is difficult to convince
people to give it a shot.

- Erich

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