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Re: Can Linux beat XP in homes yet or NOT?

Tomas Larsson wrote:

XP I can get up and running regardless of hardware in say 30 min's Linux
takes considerably longer time (days, weeks, months in some cases).

That's not "regardless of hardware". That's on machines designed to run Windows with Microsoft or vendor written drivers because you really can't buy anything else in the intel world. For a fair comparison, try it on a Sparc or PowerPC box and see how long it takes to get Windows running.

XP has basically everything, without hassle, extremly stable (basically
never crashes).

XP comes with no applications. Most Linux distros come with almost everything you'd need except multimedia codecs.

Antivirus software is not an issue really. You probably need
it on linux as well, at least in the near future.

Is that a joke? If you ever installed a pre-SP2 version of XP on an internet exposed machine you'd know better because they were routinely compromised in seconds, long before you could get the updates downloaded.

If you buy a preloaded PC, you probably have everything you need, for basic
home use.
It is cheaper for most people to purchase a valid XP license than spending
hours to get a linux-box to work.

Now that Dell has mainstream boxes preloaded with Linux, that's no longer a distinguishing point.

Similar with Office, its cheaper to buy MS Office than spending time to get
Open Officce or whatever thay are called to work.

Errr - what? Not only is this not true, it is not related to windows vs. Linux. The windows version of OOo is just fine too.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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