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Re: Can Linux beat XP in homes yet or NOT?

Tomas Larsson wrote:
No, currently Linux will never beat Windows.
It's to complicated, an average home or office user will never get it to
Hi Tomas, at work they have people who are experts that keep the local network and all the computers working properly. A few years ago you could buy any IBM computer with Linux installed. It was looking good in the USA.
So personally I would not recommend anyone, who isn't a geek to use it.

Install it Tomas. Once F7 is installed it is much like Windows now. The update software could use some work.
I have tried my self a couple of times to install and run Linux on desktop,
allways ended up with a no-go.
I have been able to install Linux for 13 years now. In the early days it was tough. Today it is much simpler.

Everytime I have ended up with bying full non-oem XP licence's instead.
I do run it on my servers though.

   How do you get the server loaded?
XP I can get up and running regardless of hardware in say 30 min's Linux
takes considerably longer time (days, weeks, months in some cases).

XP has basically everything, without hassle, extremly stable (basically
never crashes). Antivirus software is not an issue really. You probably need
it on linux as well, at least in the near future.

Windows XP thinks virus software is critical to Internet working. If you do not have it loaded it complains every time you turn it on :-)
If you buy a preloaded PC, you probably have everything you need, for basic
home use.
It is cheaper for most people to purchase a valid XP license than spending
hours to get a linux-box to work.
Similar with Office, its cheaper to buy MS Office than spending time to get
Open Officce or whatever thay are called to work.

This is simply not true. Open Office comes loaded in F7 and works just fine without a single problem. I use Presentation all the time because I get many .pps files people want me to see.
You can easilly fool yourself with the pricetag on any software, but time is
monney, allways.
Regarding MS support, well, those few times I have been forced to use it, it
is very good.

Personally, however I don't like MS-Office especially MS-Word, I love
WordPerfect, but last time I tested it it was extremly buggy, anyone that
knows how it is today, with the latest version?

Try Open Office Write. It is far better than MS Word and as good as Word Perfect.
With best regards

Tomas Larsson

Verus Amicus Est Tamquam Alter Idem

Karl Larsen Danish in New Mexico

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