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Re: Can Linux beat XP in homes yet or NOT?

Srikanth Konjarla <srikanth konjarla gmail com> wrote:
Interesting subject as always. To me, yes Linux beats XP/Vista etc. Last
time i have run windowZe for business was NT4 (i go to customers) since
then i have started running Linux on laptop (started with RH7.0, no dual
boot either).

But, for many out there it may not beat XP because there is no vendor
stands behind "Linux" to support. Also, Linux has become very general
term and i guess these days we gotta be specific about a Linux
distribution (F7, Ubuntu, SuSE etc). If there is a vendor who is ready
to pre install Linux (any distro) and extend it to full supportability
while providing all the drivers (video, wireless specifically) then it
can beat any OS (in my opinion OS X also).

The question, who is gonna do that.


Hum.. why do you think Linux beats  OS X  which is based on
BSD Unix?

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