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Re: How do I rebuild the initrd?

On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 10:56:36 -0400
Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

> >
> I don't know as that should cause any ire, Aaron.  I think whats
> messing with him may be that he is trying to over-write an existing
> one, and that's something I personally have never tried.   Why?
> Because I long ago wrote me a script to do all this, and at the time
> I considered that I might want to revert to the older version with a
> live session grub edit, the end result being that my script first
> touches all those files to make sure they exist, rm's the .old
> versions, then mv's the originals to .old versions.
> The actual line(s) that generates the initrd in my script is:
> echo now making a new initrd.$VER.img && \
> touch initrd-$VER.img && \
> rm -f initrd-$VER.img && \
> mkinitrd -f initrd-$VER.img $VER && \
> echo and copying it to /boot/initrd-$VER.img && \
> touch /boot/initrd-$VER.img.old && \
> rm -f /boot/initrd-$VER.img.old && \
> touch /boot/initrd-$VER.img \
> mv /boot/initrd-$VER.img /boot/initrd-$VER.img.old \
> cp initrd-$VER.img /boot/initrd-$VER.img && \
> Where $VER is set at the top of the script to match that of the
> Makefile, and the script is cd'd to $VER.
> I also use the \ rather liberally throughout my script such that if
> there is an error at anyplace in the whole procedure from the make
> bzImage stage on, it exits properly leaving the error message still
> visible in that shells screen.  I can do a 'time ./makeit' in that
> screen, go away and do other things, having only to edit my grub.conf
> and reboot if the compile succeeds.
> My script is a kludge, it's probably butt ugly to some, but it has
> now built and installed every kernel I've run since the early 2.4
> days, probably 200+ successfull runs now, with no surprises like the
> Makefiles have more than occasionally contained. 


Would you be willing to post this script with whatever instruction you
think is necessary to use it?  It sounds like a valuable resource, no
matter how kludgy.  It's hard to argue with success. :-)

Thank you.

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