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Re: FC7 install still lacks a feature

Bill Davidsen wrote:
When configuring RAID arrays, advanced users should be offered the option to set the chunk size. And using ext3 or any other f/s which knows a little about RAID, the stride= option check be set to the size of a stripe, the number of data drives times the chunk size.

Booting a rescue or "Live-CD" and doing the partitioning will solve the first, not the 2nd.

Check and file RFE's in http://bugzilla.redhat.com against Anaconda

And finally, support for encrypted f/s would be nice, I guess using dm-crypt to be portable, to allow vital things to be kept safe (/home, databases, etc). More laptops would use crypto if the users could figure out how!

Installer encryption integration is on the roadmap for Fedora 8



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