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RE: two audio cards?

Wow. I never realised this.
Let say I have 300 ogg files of 3 differente genre. Therefore I need 3 cards
Could it be configured to output the different genres to specific
cards.......classical to one card, jazz to another, etc, all playing


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Jeffrey Ross wrote:
> Before I stick a second card in the machine I figured I'd ask what to
> watch out for.   I'm going to stick a second audio card in the machine,
> this card will only have its line input used, I will not be using its 
> line output for anything.  How do I configure the system to use the 
> built in card for output audio but this second card for input audio?

I basically have 3 audio cards in my system.

1.  Creative Labs SB Audigy
2.  Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Audio Capture 3.  A USB headset.

All work fine.....

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