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Re: Suspending to swap with two OS's

On Sun, Jul 15, 2007 at 04:16:30PM +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>  On 15/07/07, Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com> wrote:
> > Swap to file is not as fast, and I have the feeling that restore may be
> > at too low a level to use it. There are some options on where the
> > suspend data is written, I'm sorry I can't recall the details other than
> > the fact that you can control that. Look for a boot option or something.
> >
> > This came out of a discussion I initiated regarding a restore requiring
> > booting the same kernel that was suspended. The consensus was that that
> > might not be true in the future, restoring whatever was suspended was
> > possible if desired.
> >
>  Well, I'm convinced then. Two swap spaces it will be. Does anyone see
>  anything wrong with 2.5 GB of swap space for a machine with 2 GB of
>  physical memory? I know the old adage of RAM*2.5 however, in the days
>  that adage was made, machines did not have 2 GB of physical RAM. In
>  fact Physical+swap didn't even get to 1 GB. I only want the swap so
>  that the machine will have a place to put the RAM when I suspend. This
>  machine also has 256 MB of video RAM, that I understand must be stored
>  as well, that's why I'll allocate 2.5 GB.

Do not access drives under an OS that were in use in the other suspended
one, or you risking losing all your data.


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