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Re: Suspending to swap with two OS's

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Well, I'm convinced then. Two swap spaces it will be. Does anyone see
> anything wrong with 2.5 GB of swap space for a machine with 2 GB of
> physical memory? I know the old adage of RAM*2.5 however, in the days
> that adage was made, machines did not have 2 GB of physical RAM. In
> fact Physical+swap didn't even get to 1 GB. I only want the swap so
> that the machine will have a place to put the RAM when I suspend. This
> machine also has 256 MB of video RAM, that I understand must be stored
> as well, that's why I'll allocate 2.5 GB.
It depends on how you use your system. If you normally end up using
a lot of swap when the system is running, then you may not have
enough free swap to suspend. If you don't need swap, and have a fair
amount of memory used as buffers, then you may get by with less swap
then total memory. On my laptop, I have 1GB of memory and 1GB of
swap, and suspend works fine.


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