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Re: Distro hopping again: freespire

I've never tried Freespire, but want to mention that I'm running FC6 on the same exact hardware perfectly well. There are some quirks, but they're linux specific (e.g. poor support for dual screen) - all in all, it's pretty good...

Dotan Cohen wrote:
As I contantly distro hop between F[C] updates, I've been looking at
Freespire as my next victim. Has anyone any experience with this
distro? I am looking at the full, non-OSS version, as although I do
prefer F[L]OSS software, I will take functionality over idealism for
now. Please, lets not turn this into an idealogy war, I just want some
of the Fedora community's opinions of the Freespire distro (not it's
ideals, but it's merits/bad points).

Note that my hardware is a Dell Inspirion laptop (1680x1050 screen,
DuoCore 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, Intel wireless, ATI X1400 256MB video, 80 GB
7200rpm hard drive). I have had problems with the video in FC 5 and 6,
and in [K]Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04. That's what I get for buying
proprietary hardware, I know, but live and learn.

Thanks in advance.

Dotan Cohen


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