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Re: Terminal font colors?

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> Due to my poor vision I find it best to view the terminal display
>> with a white text on a black background.  That together with a
>> larger font works well for me.
>> But when I list a directory with "ll" the text is in color with the
>> directories in a shade of blue that is unreadable against a black
>> background requiring that I do "ll --color=no" about one hundred
>> times a day!  Can someone tell me where those colors are set so I
>> can change the shade of blue.  I can deal with the colors as long
>> as the text is bright enough, in fact I have come to appreciate the
>> colored listing, well almost.
>> Thanks.
>> Bob Goodwin

Actually, for gnome-terminal (and xterm, and likely other X terminal
programs) /etc/DIR_COLORS.xterm is used.  And this file disables the
bold attributes that make the colors much more legible on a black
background.  (IIRC, this has something to do with the default fonts
and their inability to display bold and utf-8?  I forget where I got
that idea though, so it may be wildly off-base)

If you check out /etc/profile.d/colorls.sh you can see the various
files that are read for color settings.  What I've done for a while
now is copy /etc/DIR_COLORS to ~/.dircolors and then source the
colorls.sh script (to get the updated colors used without having to
log out or start a ner terminal):

cp /etc/DIR_COLORS ~/.dircolors
source /etc/profile.d/colorls.sh

Then an ls in a terminal with a dark background should be much nicer.
And if you do need to cusomize it, you're doing it with your own
personal dir colors file instead of the system-wide one.

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