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Re: Can Linux beat XP in homes yet or NOT?

Mustafa Qasim írta:
Well! what about games? All the popular games comes for Windows machine. My friend loves to play latest PC games like Counter Strike, Need for Speed, Age of Empires, F.E.A.R, Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft n so many others.

Well, I didn't have much interest in games so didn't tried it but can Wine Let him help to let F7 kick out XP without creating any trouble for his game passion?

Mustafa Qasim
Lahore, Pakistan
Cell: 0321-6614972
URL: http://www.mustu.info

Many Windows games and application install and work with Wine just fine.
Their "start menu" entries even appear in the standard GNOME/KDE/XFce menus.
However, for any particular item, I would look at the Wine application database first
then ask on the wine-users winehq org mailing list.

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