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Re: Laptop WiFi manual

Chris Mohler wrote:
On 7/15/07, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
    I am NOT writing a paper like you say is needed. And NOWHERE does my
paper say it will work for every laptop. But it works with perhaps 30
laptop types and that makes it useful to a lot of people. If your using
a real old laptop that has a plug in WiFi device your likely not going
to get that working in Linux.

Perhaps you should start a blog somewhere:

You've been given good advice also:
The title of the article should be "How I got WIFI working on my Sony
XXXX in F7".  What you wrote is nowhere near being comprehensive
enough to be titled "How to get WiFi working on your lap-top".

I recommend going off to create a new blog entry with the above title.


I have no desire to write a blog. I wrote a how to and included the web page that gets you often the software name you need. And I take your opinion that it is a none comprehensive paper as being in my opinion WRONG. Show me a paper you wrote that is better.


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