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Re: F7 install Kernel Panic -

stan wrote:
On Sun, 15 Jul 2007 09:15:32 -0400
Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin wildblue net> wrote:

What am I doing you ask? I'm not sure myself but I have three boxes running F7, two installed from the Live CD and all three work nicely, however the one I installed yesterday is unhappy with the updated Kernel. I will simply not boot from that kernel for the present, no doubt there will be another and when it comes along the situation
will change so I've decided to let it slide until then since it's
apparently not a recognized problem with a known fix.

I thank you for your response and comments.

Bob Goodwin


Now that the system is fully updated why don't you do a yum remove kernel-2.1.26-1.3228.*

and when that is done do a
yum install kernel-2.1.26-1.3228.*

I think the version numbers above are right, but you can check.

I installed exactly how you described *except* the kernel
update occurred after my system was running for a while and all the
updates were there.  No issues.

   I am unable to remove the offending kernel using yum install
   kernel-2.1.26-1.3228.* or any variations on that theme, nor can I
install it. No matter what it says there's nothing to do? And from what I can determine Yumex can't remove anything at all? It's fine for installing ... I never tried to uninstall with it
   before but I see no way.

   So I guess the best I can do is wait for another update to come
   along.  The computer works fine with the earlier kernel it's just
   bothering me that I can't fix it.

   Bob Goodwin

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