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Re: Laptop WiFi manual

Around 11:22pm on Sunday, July 15, 2007 (UK time), Karl Larsen scrawled:

>    Unknown to many on this list that paper is being sent to people who 
> show up here asking how to do it. A surprising number so far have have 
> taken the paper with all the grammer errors and got their laptop using 
> WiFi on their Linux.

Do you believe your paper is better with or without gramatical errors?

If you were posting it to the list only to aid people, and didn;t want
any feedback (gramatical or technical) then you should have made that
clear when you posted it.

You are often critical of componetnt of FC7 (sometimes wrongly so) and
so presumably you accept that it is OK to be critical on the list.  You
may notice that the Fedora developers don't compain about your criticism
- you may even find that where it is valid they react to it by improving
their contributions.


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