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Re: graph

graph -T ps says something like
error, illegal tick size, ps is not a number.
I realize now I have to do graph-ps
instead of graph -T ps

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Hi Tony,

Please reply to the group so that others may contribute to and learn
from the conversation. And please consider not top-posting also. Both
these things might require some editing if you're just getting the daily
digest, but it does help. :)

tony chamberlain lemko com wrote:
> I downloaded and installed plotutils. No man page came with it.

Try: info plotutils

> I found something on the internet but its information does not seem to
> work. It says graph -T ps will create a postscript file, but when I
> try it it says bad tick size ps, ps is not a number.

Do you mean when you try to open it? What are you using to view the
postscript file?

> Doing it without -Tps gives me output but I have no idea what to do
> with it. Do you?

What is the exact invocation you are using? By default (without
specifying a format with -T) graph will produce GNU metafile format
(which is not terribly useful as an end product...). Have you tried the
other output formats? What format are you looking for?

> mark opus11 net wrote:
>> tony chamberlain lemko com wrote:
>>> I am actually using CentOS. I am looking for a program that, given
>>> data like
>>> X,Y1,Y2 X,Y1,Y2 X,Y1,Y2 X,Y1,Y2 ... (each row different) will plot
>>> a graph, actually two graphs, Y1:X and Y2:x, and maybe connect the
>>> Y1s and Y2s. Actually, simple plotting graphs.
>>> Can anyone suggest something? Really all it is is cpu vs. time, and
>>> memory vs. time
>> You could try graph (in the plotutils package) or for something more
>> powerful, gnuplot.
>> http://www.gnu.org/software/plotutils/
>> http://www.gnuplot.info/

Mark Knoop

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