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Re: Smartd Logs

Karl Larsen escreveu:
Clovis Tristao wrote:
Hi All,

After installing Fedora 7, they are appearing the messages below, in

--------------------- Smartd Begin ------------------------
Currently unreadable (pending) sectors detected:
    /dev/sdb - 48 Time(s)
    2987 unreadable sectors detected

Offline uncorrectable sectors detected:
    /dev/sda - 48 Time(s)
    10 offline uncorrectable sectors detected
    /dev/sdb - 48 Time(s)
    2987 offline uncorrectable sectors detected

---------------------- Smartd End -------------------------
Why appear this messages? I'm worried.

Another question, because the system changed the recognition of the
HD-IDE of hda for sda? Thanks a lot,


First, with Fedora 7 /dev/hdb1 becomes /dev/sdb1. You are looking at the root messages and mine have the same sort of thing saying it can't find something. I expect it is a bug but I would have trouble writing one for this.

   Do not worry if your system comes up and works :-)


Hi Karl,

Thanks a lot for your reply. ;-)

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Administrador de Redes - Secao de Informatica (SINFO)
E-mail: clovis agr unicamp br http://www.feagri.unicamp.br
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