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Re: Laptop WiFi manual

Aaron Konstam wrote:
Well here i another take on the situation. So someone starts to put
together a document on Wifi on a laptop. What he gets for his trouble is
crap on how it doesn't meet someones expectations. I thought he made a
useful attempt. Rather than acting as his English teacher and knocking
his grammar make suggestions to make it better. Your comments are on the
far side of inappropriate. If you don't want to row get off the  boat.
I agree that Karl is trying to be helpful. But the suggestion of a blog
was, IMHO, a good idea. Karl's paper will, or already has, disappeared in
that abyss called the list archive. Not many search there. Many don't know
how to search there. Many don't make the effort to search there.

If Karl had a blog, they are free, and posted his information there it,
this laptop WiFi paper for example, would be findable with Google. I think
that would help more people than posting it here to this list.

What do you think?

I think a blog or and entry in Wikapedia would be grat. But just to let
you know if you Google: Wifi Laptop Manual
Karl's document is the first thing you find.
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Hi Aaron, and I was not sure how that even got there! But it does work fine as you say. Now I need to enter all the changes and additions I want. Then try to get it in that forum I guess it is.


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