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Flash repository (Re: Fedora Weekly News Issue 96)

Thomas Chung wrote:
=== Flash Player Security Update ===


Adobe released a new version of flash player last week.  The update in
itself isn't terribly significant, but this brings up a great
opportunity to stress the importance of not running Flash Player as a
standalone plugin.  Firefox currently has the ability to magically
install Flash Player if you visit a site that requires it, and you
don't have it installed.  The problem with this installation method is
that you will never get security updates for your local copy.  Fedora
users should install flash from mplug.org here:

This is a great service WarrenTogami provides.  As long as you rely on
this yum repository for Flash Player, you should receive the necessary
updates to keep your browser secure.

Actually, the mplug.org repository is no longer being updated. Adobe is providing their own yum repository now.

From the mplug.org website:

This site used to host RPM and yum/apt repositories of Adobe Flash Player.
Adobe has since taken over the job of RPM packaging and providing a yum
repository.  Get the adobe-release package from Adobe to install
their yum config and GPG key.

Existing users of this yum repository must migrate to Adobe's repository.
This site will shut down in the near future.

So the advice is still valid -- use yum so you'll get updated automatically -- but the download site has changed.

Kelson Vibber
SpeedGate Communications <www.speed.net>

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