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Re: 2.6.22 kernel and WiFi

Mark Haney writes:

Here's my question, how will the .22 kernel work with an old driver
setup?  Will I still be able to use my broadcom/ndiswrapper combo until
the new driver is available, or should I just avoid the .22 kernel until
the driver support is better?

Unfortuntely, no kernel developer gives a friggin hoot about ndiswrapper. If it's broken, nobody will really care about it. Sorry.

I've read that Fedora and Ubuntu already are using the new driver models
(or something along those lines) so what's been the experience so far?

I've done my homework, and use hardware that's supported by native Linux drivers (Centrino). Since there has not been a .22 kernel errata update for F7, yet, I haven't yet installed it, but, I have no reasons to expect any problems with wireless, when I do.

Such are the benefits of using Linux drivers with Linux, instead of Windows drivers with Linux.

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