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Re: Flash repository (Re: Fedora Weekly News Issue 96)

Anthony Messina wrote:
On Monday 16 July 2007 12:09:13 pm Kelson wrote:
Thomas Chung wrote:
=== Flash Player Security Update ===

Actually, the mplug.org repository is no longer being updated.  Adobe is
providing their own yum repository now.

 From the mplug.org website:
This site used to host RPM and yum/apt repositories of Adobe Flash
Player. Adobe has since taken over the job of RPM packaging and providing
a yum repository.  Get the adobe-release package from Adobe to install
their yum config and GPG key.

Existing users of this yum repository must migrate to Adobe's repository.
This site will shut down in the near future.
So the advice is still valid -- use yum so you'll get updated
automatically -- but the download site has changed.

is their repo actually setup yet? i just tried, using their instructions and get the 404 error for the repodata folder.

I was able to update to the latest version of flash using their repository, though I didn't set it up from Adobe. The latest update from the old mplug repository installs the Adobe repository.


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