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Re: [FC] Bandwidth Management Guidance

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 17:27:35 +0800,
  Deepak Shrestha <d88pak gmail com> wrote:
> I guess I want to allocate the fixed bandwidth (upstream/downstream)
> for each of the clients. Currently any station can use up the full
> bandwidth if application running in that station demands that, slowing
> down all the rest. What I wanted to do is allocate each machine a
> fixed dedicated bandwidth. For example station1 is given dedicated
> 250kbps, station2 is given 150kbps. By dedicated means no machine can
> go beyond their allocated bandwidth even if bandwidth is available,
> which also means that somebody should not be disturbed by somebody
> downloading and surfing habits.

> Piece of configurable hardware?? (might cost lot.....)
> Can this be implemented in linux as router/gateway?? how?? (general
> idea will be fine)

If you really want a fixed limit per machine, you can set up limits
on each machine to do this (assuming software exists for each machine).
If you use a linux box as a gateway (this might be a box with two nics
or an inexpensive ($45) router flashed with ddwrt) you can do better. What
you really want (based on your description of the problem, rather than your
postulated solution) to do is guaranty a minimum bandwidth for each
box so that you can make use of unused bandwidth when it isn't being
used by other boxes.

You really should read the through the LARTC document. It explains a lot
about how one can do this. As I said previously it is a bit dated. but
you should be able to implement what you described using the information
there. Asking questions on the LARTC mailing list (after you have gone
through the documentation) is probably going to be more productive than
asking here, since your question is networking specific, not Fedora

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