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Re: [FC] Bandwidth Management Guidance

Deepak Shrestha wrote:
Well! Sir Deepak first you should define that either you want to control
overall network traffic through your [Router/Gateway] or you just want to
control the traffic to anf from the Internet.

If you wanna make ur Fedora machine the routing mechine to control traffic
between your clients then my suggestion wasn't for u.

But if you want to make your Fedora machine the gateway to Interent for your clients and after that you want to bound your users to send/receive data in

a fixed bandwidth e.g 5KB/per user and I thinks it's really what you want
then for that purpose you can use Squid Server's "Delay Pool" functionality
to restrict a certin part of user e.g
a)User of Department A gets 5KB each
b)USers of Department B gets 30KB each... n so on

Or u can put a single policy on a;; the users...
a) Ever user will get no more then 5KB.

So, wat do u say??

Thank you all for your valuable suggestions!

I guess I want to allocate the fixed bandwidth (upstream/downstream)
for each of the clients. Currently any station can use up the full
bandwidth if application running in that station demands that, slowing
down all the rest. What I wanted to do is allocate each machine a
fixed dedicated bandwidth. For example station1 is given dedicated
250kbps, station2 is given 150kbps. By dedicated means no machine can
go beyond their allocated bandwidth even if bandwidth is available,
which also means that somebody should not be disturbed by somebody
downloading and surfing habits.

You may want to look at "tc". Web search for "wondershaper". It is elementary but a great example for shaping traffic. Use the man page as you work through the script. Once you understand what is being done you should be able to apply it to your own situation.

HTH,  :m)

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