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Re: Laptop new

David Fletcher wrote:
At 10:15 17/07/2007, you wrote:

People tend to find things when they are ready for them, or when they
become interested in them. Either way, they are either prepared to put

The "plain people" you refer to, Karl, have had access to Linux since
it's birth; that has pretty much been the soul of the system since it
evolved past the stage of being graded by a crusty old professor.

When people want it, it will be there for them.

Just my opinion, though, apologies if it ruffles any feathers.



No, it wouldn't ruffle my feathers even if I had any.

As I see it, there are two problems with Linux adoption:-

1) The "plain people" don't know it's there

2) Even when they are told that it's there, they still don't use it

The first is because of the relative sizes of the publicity machines. Flashy prime time TV advertising wins out over word of mouth every time.

The second, I'm not sure exactly why it is, but I can think of several possibilities:-
 They're incompetent
 They don't want to toss out products they've paid good money for
 They're scared of trying out something completely different
 They think something that's free can't work properly
 They're just plain stupid

And their friends got it.

Ciao, Erik.

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