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Re: Gnome-Terminal Maximized on start

Mike Chambers wrote:
> Well, yours is close to what I want, except no window border or
> anything, just goes to (as you say) full screen.  I would rather
> just have a maximized window to work with.  I guess the zoom or
> geometry options are what I need,just don't know what options with
> them are available.

I don't think zoom does what you want.  You could use geometry, though
even that isn't precisely what you want.  It would just resize the
window, which isn't quite the same as maximizing it.  The difference
may not matter to you.

There are ways to do what you want, with other window managers or with
Devil's Pie installed, for Metacity (that's the Gnome window manager).

I'm sure others could point you to various window managers that have
this sort of feature built in, if you ask -- and maybe even if you
don't. :)

To do this with Metacity and Devil's Pie:

(Commands with a # are meant to be run as root, those with a $ as a
normal user.)

# yum install devilspie
$ mkdir ~/.devilspie
$ echo '(if (is (application_name) "Terminal") (maximize))' > \
$ devilspie &
$ gnome-terminal

You then want to run devilspie each time you start your desktop
session.  Add it in the session manager via System->Preferences->
Personal->Sessions.  Click "New" on the Startup Programs tab and enter
the name and command (Devil's Pie and /usr/bin/devilspie).

Unfortunately, the documentation for Devil's Pie is about as sparse as
the feature set for Metacity.  :)

If you decide that the --geometry option is sufficient for you, the
syntax is like this:

$ gnome-terminal --geometry=1440x825+0+49

That's on my laptop, which has a 1440x900 screen.  The +0+49 represent
the x and y coordinates.

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