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Re: general question about bugzilling things on Fedora

Tim wrote:

Over time, I've made bugzilla reports about one or two things in Fedora
which have subsequently been fixed.  Though I don't know whether that's
co-incidental or down to what I reported.  I noticed that if I go back
and look for the bugzilla reports I see some still open.  Are they
something the package maintainer should close off, or should the
reporter go back and cancel no-longer valid bug reports?

The maintainers should close off bug reports. The new update tool (bodhi) auto closes updates with a note if a particular package update has been marked as fixing the problem.

If you have reported any bugs which are currently resolved you can close them off yourself with comments. If they were not reported by you then you can just add comments and let the maintainers or bug triagers close it.


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