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Re: qt4 i386 on FC6

David Jansen wrote on Wed, Jul 18 2007 at 11:10 (+0200):
> A user at our institute has a program that comes as a binary rpm, and
> needs qt4. But the program is built as a 32-bit executable, and the
> computer is a 64-but system. Now there doesn't seem to be a i386 rpm of
> qt4 in Fedora Extras for FC6. Does anyone know why?
> I noticed the i386 package exists for Fedora 7 so maybe an upgrade will
> do the trick, but on the other hand, the makers of the program told us
> it was only tested for FC5, FC6 and RHEL4 so maybe we will run into a
> new set of problems after the upgrade.
> Would installing the qt4 package from an fc6 i386 repository be
> compatible or are those packages different from the i386 packages in a
> x86_64 repository?

Besides that your question does not make sense given your statements
above (how can you install an fc6 i386 qt4 if there is no such?), you
could try compile your i386 version of qt4 yourself by installing the
source rpm package of the x86_64 version and compile it targetting an
i386 ISA.



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