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Re: 64 bit F7

On Wednesday 18 July 2007, Chris Jones wrote:
>> -mfpmath=sse : This one tells the compiler to use the SSE capabilities
>> of your chip for mathematical stuff. This options can make a different
>> to *any* code that uses maths.. Its this that makes the 20% difference
>> to my 32 bit cuilds. (you have to also include any one of -msse, -msse2
>> or -msse3 at the same time).
>For more details, try a 'man gcc' and search for the section on -mfpmath.

Thanks Chris, I'll do that.

Humm, tisn't working.  For this line in my kernel 'makeit' script:

make -j4 -march=athlon -msse -mfpmath=sse bzImage && \

I'm getting this as the first error:
make: pmath=sse: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `pmath=sse'.  Stop.

pebkac?  compiler?

Taking options back out, it will accept the -msse, but then hangs here:
 UPD     include/linux/compile.h

Looks like I failed the class on compiler options 101.  Old dog, new tricks..

Cheers, Gene
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