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Re: wav files in f7

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Michael H. Semcheski writes:

On 7/15/07, Sam Varshavchik <mrsam courier-mta com> wrote:
Not all .wav files are alike. There are different kinds of wav files. My
voicemail system emails me my messages in some bizarre wav format, that I
have to let mplayer chew on, in order to get something that'll actually

Run 'file' on them, and see what it says.

Interesting -- I'm trying to listen to my voicemail too.

More than likely the .wav files coming out of voicemail are compressed GSM format. My understanding that it's the same compression used for cell phone audio. Most wav players don't understand it, but mplayer does. So, you need to use the commandline mplayer tool to translate it into a garden-variety .wav file.

It's likely that sox (the play command) will handle it, or convert it to something more common.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
  "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot

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