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Re: Changing permissions in /dev

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Mark Knoop wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
There used to be a way to change permissions on the many /dev/xyz
directories. The /dev/dsp has a fancy permissions that do not work. I
want to change it back to root uucp and that I can handle
Read about udev permissions here:

But what is your problem with /dev/dsp? Are you sure that the 'fancy'
permissions are causing it?

To make things more interesting, the permissions on /dev/dsp are not
controlled by udev. They are controled by console.perms.

Oh God! Well I think the only rational thing to do is go back to my FC6 which has most of the serious bugs fixed. This is clearly a bug. I have 3 bugs working and this will be 4 if I want to do it.

It is clear console.perms is not working properly.

What is console.perms and can it be worked on with a roor terminal?


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