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Re: How to post replies here properly

On 7/18/07, Ray Bramton <rbandmb wfeca net> wrote:
I'm wondering how I should be posting replies here in the proper manner,
Do not top post. Many of us here read loads of posts per day and
follow many topics. We have no time to keep the context in our heads.
Quote what is necessary and trim the rest _including_ signatures. I
delete threads where people top post.

I use Pine and I tried copying the subject to the subject header prepended
with "Re:" and it showed up in the list under the appropriate subject but
it had "<Possible follow-ups>" above it and the reply doesn't show up at
the bottom of the thread.
As has been stated before, there is no need to do that. The fedora
lists have the reply-to set and modern e-mail software know how to use

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That .sig is 7 lines long, 3 more than is necessary. Plus it does not
have the correct .sig seperator - 2dashes (-ve sign) a space and hard
return. Please set yours up properly.

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