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FC4, FC6, F7 what works, and don't

I was using FC4 for well over 2 years. The Skype version sudden failed and no reason found. The gmfsk mulitmode communications software worked fine.

Here is the problems. First my gmfsk application is old first written for Red Hat 7. On FC4, FC6 and FC7 I had to compile the source code each time. There were other programs required and it was a Great Pleasure to discover yum at FC6 and were able to yum the needed libs for this software to compile. One exception is a library that does the Fast Fourie Transorm on an input signal. It was available by yum on FC6 and F7 but when I tried to ./configure it would not find fftw. I had to get the tar ball and compile it and install on /usr/local/. So I have gmfsk compiled on FC4, FC6 and F7. It works on FC4 and FC6.

Skype worked on FC4 for about 6 weeks and then it quit. The Skype people said they were making a new version for Linux but that is not seen yet. On FC6 and F7 the same version number works just fine and I used it today on F7.

If the Bugs I have written are fixed, and someone figures out why we can't go out to the world with the sound card then F7 will for me be perfect. I am not smart enough to figure these things out.


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