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Re: Linux WiFi Manual

 In Fedora 7, some of the planned


robust wireless behavior has been implemented.  Completing this effort
is not currently shown as being in the Fedora 8 plan.  But as you can
see via:


there are a few items that seem more likely in Fedora 8 that may improve
wifi support some:


aims to make Fedora 8 more gracefully support laptops, and


aims to provide improvements in NetworkManager for Fedora 8.  Wouldn't
it be nice if these efforts led to a dramatically reduced need for
documentation on configuring and using wifi?

 Sliding from over-optimistic to more realistic, is there interest in
preserving Karl Larsen's and Chris Mohler's work in the wiki,
somewhere in the neighborhood of:


I would propose sections organized along the flavors of:

- Usage hints for Desktop / GUI applications that may improve one's
  wifi experience.
- Recipes for command line approaches to fill in the gaps where the
  GUI applications and applets have not yet reached maturity and full
- Clues for those who are willing to build and modify pieces of
  Fedora with the aim of better wifi support.

Then a given reader could follow the trail to the level of their
expertise (or their currently available time for this task).

 Does such a collection of information already exist?  For the
toolsets and applications in Fedora?  Current, not historical,


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