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Re: Distro hopping again: freespire

On 19/07/07, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Resolving video9.technion.ac.il for AF_INET...
> Connecting to server video9.technion.ac.il[]: 80...

What happened next?

Well, no video played! Only the output that I've posted.

> It seems as though it cannot find the server, however Windows Media
> Player 11 in VMWare loads and displays that video just fine. There is
> no AU sniffing at the server, I checked that with the university's
> computer department.

Did you try a wireshark capture of this connection on both windows and
linux clients?   It doesn't make much sense that the connection didn't
at least complete on linux even if it couldn't play the stream.

I've attached a tethereal trace of the connection.

Dotan Cohen


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