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Re: How to Find Open/Close Ports and Bypass a Port?

On 7/19/07, Mustafa Qasim <alajal gmail com> wrote:
          I can't use any p2p client. It seems my service provider has
blocked all ports used by p2p clients. How can i check what ports are open
on my gateway[Same machine Also configured as transperent-proxy on Squid at in my LAN]. Can I configure my p2p client to use an open port for

If you have  shell account outside your LAN, you can use nmap or nc
(and probably many other tools) to find out about your open ports. If
you don't, visit http://www.grc.com/ and look for ShieldsUp!

As for p2p, azureus (a bittorrent client) at least lets you configure
which port to use.
(As an aside, I use a port that is blocked both by my router and
iptables on the machine, and azureus still works. I'm not sure if I
should be happy about this.)


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