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Re: yum install vmware-server

Andras Simon wrote:

> But then I never really understood the difference between
> vmware-server and vmware-workstation.

"Server" separates the machine runtime from the display console.  The
machine can be running one or more VMs without displaying any of them
and the console utility can run on the same or a different machine
(cross platform), connecting only when you need it.  Workstation ties
the display to the runtime and adds some features that would be most
useful in development like multiple save/restore snapshots (server
permits one, player none), cloning VM images from a common ancestor with
only the changes taking storage space, and controlling groups of virtual
machines in single operations.

Thanks for cleaning up the picture!

One small further difference seems to be that WS doesn't need any
patches on F7. But perhaps the most recent version of vmware-server
doesn't need any either.

I think this is just the usual case of fedora presenting a moving target to anything trying to run on it. The WS release is more recent and has made the necessary accommodations for the new quirks. I'd expect the same in the next server release.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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