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Re: A new use for Linux

Marc wrote:
There are also linux distros like Helix which are designed to
facilitate file recovery.  They give you a lot of tools to do
different mount options and basically allow you to search files on the
disk, copy whatever files you want to another part of the filesystem,
then save them whereever including external usb devices.


On 7/19/07, alan <alan clueserver org> wrote:
On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, Aaron Konstam wrote:

> My brother-in-law uses Windows XP and his system crashed making his
> Documents unavailable. He saw how expensive disk recovery could be when
> a local Linux user volunteered to recover the documents for him.
> Now here is a whole new use for Linux and there is money in it
> somewhere.

Not that new.  I have used a Ubintu disc and a USB drive to recover
Windows files in the past.  Not that difficult.  Works great.  (There are
also Linux distros for breaking passwords on Windows boxes.)

"ANSI C says access to the padding fields of a struct is undefined.
ANSI C also says that struct assignment is a memcpy. Therefore struct
assignment in ANSI C is a violation of ANSI C..."
                                   - Alan Cox


I have used OpenOffice on Linux to open files that just won't open on Windows in Office. This is always a great think when it is your boss's report that refuses to be open and has to be submitted in 10 minutes.

Due to the move to Exchange Server,
   anything that is a priority, please phone.
Robin Laing

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