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Re: Linux WiFi Manual

Rogue wrote:
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Hi Tim

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Nelson Strother wrote:

  In Fedora 7, some of the planned


robust wireless behavior has been implemented.  Completing this effort
is not currently shown as being in the Fedora 8 plan.
What exactly do you mean by "robust wireless behaviour"?

As I have said many times, if NetworkManager works, it is fine;
but if it does not work you are up the swanny.

What is needed in my view is a simple program, or just a recipe,
which tells you exactly where WiFi is failing, if it is failing.

Would it be possible to have a UI application, that could give the end
user information on whether the various devices on his system are
currently supported OOTB or not?

Since with Fedora 7 onwards, we are requesting users to install smolt
and send system profiles, I think it would be easier to get a
compilation of hardware devices that work OOTB!

That's the plan but but project is stalled since the people involved got busy with other things. If anyone is willing to contribute look at LHCP.



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