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Re: Helix as it is now

On 19/07/07, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
    The Helix web page is impressive. But when you see they want to make
some money it gets less nice. I found the download page no problem but
it has many sources listed that no longer have the software. I found a
place in Europe that is working now. It will take 6 hours with my slow
DSL speed.

    There is a list(s) you can join and that might be the thing to do if
your thinking of a business but for casual use it might be too much.

Are you talking about this Helix:

It was at one time part of Fedora Core, they
have supported and continue to support open
formats (though the Realplayer side of the project
also uses the closed Real codecs).

The Helix RPM took about 10 seconds to download
here.  The current release hasn't changed for a
while, but last time I looked at a Realplayer nightly
they had moved on quite a bit (including modern
Alsa support).

And what's wrong with wanting to make some money?
Redhat do that too.


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