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Re: Helix

Karl Larsen wrote:
Using the Gnome CD Writer which is working well now, I made a Helix CD Rom and tested it. I watched as the tester ran through the things on the disk and it is really nice. It is a Knoppix type of construction much like the Fedora "Live F7" and the earlier one that brings up linux and then my favorite Amateur Radio software gmfsk. It actually works!

Now I want to get the Fedora CD image and see how it compares with Helix. I am right now wondering how much better Helix is than the simple rescue mode on the F7 DVD? I think the answer is that Helix has some binaries that begin XP this and that and have .exe extentions.

   Helix works and it needs an expert to run it.

Knoppix is fairly usable as a windows rescue disk if you just want to copy files off a working but non-bootable drive. I haven't used the most current versions but it used to come up with read-only ntfs support and had the option to install the captive driver from the windows partition itself if you wanted r/w. Since the network comes up normally, you can use ftp/scp/rsync/nfs/samba, etc. to copy files elsewhere. Exporting via samba lets you poke around with windows tools from another machine.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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