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Re: yum downloadonly

Justin W wrote:
> I've been keeping the cache, but now with so many updates, I've got
> a bunch of older versions which have newer packages also downloaded.
> Is there a utility which will cleanup the older packages and leave
> the newer ones? If I can find that, I sure I could then devise a way
> to combine yum, cron, "that" utility, rsync, createrepo, and the
> priority plugin for yum to download the minimal amount of stuff for
> multiple servers/desktops/virtual machines (right now I only have
> one, and this problem is one of a couple reasons why I haven't
> expanded yet).

Check out repomanage from yum-utils.  You could use it something like
this to move old packages to an archive dir (or remove them):

repomanage --old $repo | while read package; do
    mv "$package" $archive

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