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Re: ntfs-3g

Alan M. Evans wrote:
On Fri, 2007-07-20 at 15:38 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:

I got that with yum install *ntfs-3g* and it DOES make my mount ntfs work for the first time ever. You smart asses assume I am wrong and I am NOT!

No assuming necessary. Your statement is definitely incorrect.

Lay off calling me stupid. Look at your self in a mirror :-)

Is there something in the water there in New Mexico? If you said your
car didn't run until you installed the passenger-side mirror, we would
be a bit incredulous as well.

Try this:

        $ yum list \*ntfs-3g\*

You will see something like:

        Available Packages
        ntfs-3g.x86_64                           2:1.516-1.fc6          extras
        ntfs-3g-devel.x86_64                     2:1.516-1.fc6          extras

Except in your case they will probably say "installed" in the third
column. People who've been on the list know this because we are aware
that by standard package naming conventions, if "package" provides a
capability then "package-devel" provides header files for programmers to
include that capability in their programs.

This is really how it works, and it's why we all know you are wrong.
ntfs-3g-devel does not provide the ability to mount NTFS partitions,
ntfs-3g does.

Joining the list and being ignorant is one thing; being ignorant while
calling everyone else ignorant is another. On second thought, it's sort
of comical.

Please: Stop, listen, understand, and then speak. Before understanding,

We're here to help. Really. But you're making it very hard to do.

Why didn't you send this this morning? When it would have made a real difference? Now your just proving what I proved myself an hour ago. Not in just the way you did it either.


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