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Re: yum local { partial } mirror

Timothy Murphy
>> 1. Soft-link /var/cache/yum on each machine to /common/yum ,
>> where /common is NFS-shared by all my computers.

David Timms:
> You might find locking issue if multiple machines try to access the 
> central cached repodata at the same time, since each machine stores
> its yum lock file on it's local disk, ie a different location. This is
> likely to lead to corruption of the downloaded metadata IMHO.

If trying that approach, I'd be more inclined to share the various
different .../packages/ and .../headers/ sub-directories, but keeping
the different parent directories local.

> A normal yum update will use already downloaded packages in the 
> /var/cache/yum/fedora/packages dir {as long as the package has the 
> correct checksum according to the repodata}. This saves yum needing to
> download the header as well {AFAICT}. 

I thought the headers were used in resolving dependencies?

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