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Re: problem connecting to my linus server with rsa keys through Putty on Windows

On 20/07/07, Scott Berry <sberry northlc com> wrote:
Hello there,

I am trying to connect to an ssh server on my linux machine via putty on a
Windows machine.  I followed the instructions and made an authorized_keys2
file and ensured that the permissions were correct with ls -0lr.  Here are
my permissions:
[root pilotalk .ssh]# ls -lr
total 8
-rw------- 1 root root 223 2007-07-20 09:51 authorized_keys2

Now when I connect using my Windows machine to get in to root for my linux
server I get the following error coming I assume from the linux server:
PuTTY Fatal Error
Server unexpectedly closed network connection

What would be the most probable causes for this?  Everything looks perfect.

On top of other permissions is port 22 firewalled?
You may want to try telnet from the Windows machine
to port 22 on the Linux one to make sure the way is

Also, Putty uses a different key format, and there's
one of the Putty tools (Puttygen I think) used to
convert the private key from openssh to Putty.
I think it warns you of that though.

Can you use ssh to get to localhost from the Linux
machine?  (I.e. telnet to itself.)


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