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Re: A new use for Linux

Tim wrote:
Antonio Olivares:
As to combat that, I do not know, some say use a
Magnet and put it next to the hard drive that you want
to be erased for good.  By doing that according to
some there is no way in the world that the FBI can get
your data.  I do not know how true the above statement
is, but many people that know about computers have
suggested this.

Aaron Konstam:
I tend to use a 5 lb hammer. Magnets are for sissies.

;-)  I had lots of fun doing things that you shouldn't do to an
expensive hard drive that needed wrecking.  Shotput onto a concrete
floor, hurling it as far as I could in the garden, disassembling the
mechanism (not easy when you don't have the appropriate screwdriver),
and so on.

I let my nephew loose on the last one, he wrenched the thing apart
through brute force, and removed the platter with a pair of vice grips.
It didn't look anything like it's original shape.  ;-)

When I retired I had a hard drive with TOP SECRET things I had written and commented on. Asked what to do and was told to take it by hand and throw it in a furnace that was very hot. Did that and it was gone forever.


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