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Re: Mail problem

At 12:31 PM -0400 7/21/07, Gustavo J. Mata wrote:
>Vivek J. Patankar wrote:
>> Gustavo J. Mata wrote:
>>> I distribute an e-mail newsletter to a large number of
>>> recipients (approximately 5500).I have a simple script
>>> that goes through the list of recipients and sends an
>>> email to each one in turn.
>>> This script was running fine in a machine which
>>> unfortunately died a few days ago.
>>> I'm now using another machine with Fedora Core 6
>>> installed. The problem now is that the script will
>>> only send a fraction of the total list and then stop.
>>> I'm getting no error messages.
>>> Any hints?
>> It would help if you posted the script.
>Here it goes:
># This mails a message, contained in filename, with
># subject topic, to a list of mail addresses mailist
># Usage: batchmail mail_list subject text
>exec < $1
>while read line ; do
>        mailx  -s "$2"  $line  < $3

If the other suggestions didn't do it for you...

I'd expect an error message from mailx if it is having a problem, so
perhaps the problem is with the loop and the data.  What happens if you
replace the mailx line with:

    echo "$2"

Does it help to rewrite the script so exec is not used:

while read line ; do
    mailx  -s  "$2"  $line  < $3
done <$1
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