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Smart packages

Thinking about Ferdora 7 and 8 it appears when 8 is made available we will need to download another DVD full of software. I want to talk about a better way. Why must a person building a server get 4.7 GB of software when he wants just 750 MBytes of it?

Another Linux has a single CD-Rom full up to 700 MB with a working version of a Desktop, Laptop, or Server. And they have them in 32 and 64 bit packages. This makes 6 possible types of Linux.

A user selects which one he wants and d/l just 700 MB. This is a bootable knoppix cd-rom so the user can play with the version he/she d/l and can decide before loading if this is what they want. If it is what you want you just load the whole thing into a partition. Now it will boot with Grub and you can decide what other software you want. If your a German speaking person you yum the proper files and your entire computer is in German.

The one CD will not hold all the things you want, just about 75% of what you will want to end up with. There should be "extra" CD's available that finish out say a Desktop version. And extras that have a database ready to use, or one with all the editors available to Linux.

A user will download 2 CD's on the average and never need the DVD size package. And special interest items can be yum installed as the user needs them.

Fedora has limited manpower and there will be arguments on what to put in the Desktop CD. This is normal and over time it will get better. The problem is to get the Fedora people interested.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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